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Marketing Code and CCO Workshops

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 Marketing Code Workshops

Marketing health products in South Africa is guided by a number of regulations, codes and guidelines. This workshop will provide a comprehensive review of the SA Marketing Code; placing it in context of other relevant South African regulations and guidance’s such as the Consumer Protection Act, Privacy Act, HPCSA guidelines etc. The workshop has a section called Can I or Can I not where a special series of algorithms were designed as a tool to assist with code compliance. Using real-life case studies, this workshop will provide valuable and relevant information for marketing health products in South Africa.

Company Code Compliance Officer (CCCO) Workshops

A practical hands-on workshop that will guide CCO review and approval of all marketing and promotional materials and activities. Includes a CCO Toolkit with detailed SOPs, templates, checklists and nifty electronic tools to help implementation of the Code in a real-life setting.